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  • Hi... Thinking of this trip for September..... IS IT INTEESTING?????
  • This tour is very high on our tentative list for 2013 as it looks very good on paper and our question had to do with the tour group numbers. We noted in the brochure that you can pay a premium for a group of 24 or less on tour but that begs the question as to how many regularly tour on this trip? 30? 40?
  • We’ve book this trip for Sep. 2012. I would be grateful for advice concerning questions below.
    1. Is a light weight coat usually enough or should we bring a heavier / lined parka?
    2. I’m confused about dinner attire. Is a wool sports coat and tie appropriate (nice work or cocktail attire) or do you recommend a more formal dark coat and tie (black tie attire)?
    3. Could someone recommend activity’s or places to see during our free time?
    4. Will we need reservations for lunch or dinner the dates we are not eating with our tour?
    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    My wife and I are also taking the small group tour on September 6, and have the same questions. Would appreciate getting the same information. Also need to know if converters/transformers are available in the hotels or do we need to purchase and bring. Do the hotels have wi fi as well? Unfortunately the employees and staff at my corporation get uncomfortable when we leave the country and don't worry as much if they can get us on the net. We look forward to meeting each of you and look forward to a lovely time together. Spent many happy years in Germany, but never had enough time to enjoy Great Britain. Michael and Penny
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    My wife and I had a wonderful experience on this Tour way back in 2008!
    Very exciting, very beautiful and you'll all have a great time!!

    Here is an Image I had shot from the Bus, going down the Highway

    http://flic.kr/p/csJrWqOff Road Castle
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