Balloon Ride

We are wondering if previous travellers to Australia recommend the optional balloon ride?


  • John,
    I was on the Grand Australia and NZ trip in March. I took the balloon ride and it was my first balloon experience. I thought it was fabulous and well worth the extra money. The sunrise and scenery were breathtaking. The company that handled the operation was extremely professional.
    Have a wonderful trip.
  • Hot air ballooning is one of the best way to garner view of Australia - the unique landscapes and rugged natural features viewed from thousands of feet above grant a complete different level of application of our beautiful country. Each and every region for hot air ballooning offers its unique panorama view below; from the lush greenery of the Yarra Valley and its famed wine country to rugged, dry desert sands of the Australian outback's red centre.
  • When we did this trip my wife did the balloon. Absolutely stunning. You see things which are otherwise missed, she brought back some wonderful images. It was an early start but well worth the effort. Go for it and enjoy.
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