Anybody on the eastbound Danube trip on 12/12/15?

Looking forward to this trip and wondering who might also be going. Also if anyone knows if you need to dress up for the first and last dinners together. I do know to bring warm clothes in layers. Jeanne


  • My wife and I are planning to be on the cruise with you. This is just our second Tauck tour and I'm not sure about the dress code on cruises. On our Ireland tour, there was a wide range of dress.

    Have you got any concerns about the situation in Europe?

    Fort and Elizabeth
  • I will be on the cruise with you. While this is my first Tauck River Cruise, it is my fourth trip with Tauck. I am coming into Nuremberg on 12/10 and will be staying extra days in Vienna.

    I do not have any concerns about the safety of the cruise vis-à-vis the refugee situation.

    However, I am hoping that the trains will be running from Salzburg to Munich as the railjet trains are not currently running directly because Germany is not allowing direct trains from Salzburg to Munich. This is because of the refugee situation. However, I have some back up plans and am sure that something will pan out before I leave Munich to fly home. This will not affect anyone else, however, unless you have a similar itinerary. Quite honestly, I am more worried about the survival of the refugees residing in cold camps or out in the open. We will be warm and toasty, a vast difference from those fleeing their native land. Having said all of this, the question you raise is completely appropriate and I would expect the Tauck staff to address it. Having had my great goddaughter in lockdown for 3-4 hours as her school was within half a mile of the San Bernardino killings, I am not sure where there is a place which is completely safe now.

    Have a safe trip to the ship and see you soon!


  • We are on the trip also. This is our third Christmas river cruise, but our first with Tauck. The dress has been varied, some evening wear, others formal casual dinner dress. The worry is not about Europe as much as the levels of the rivers, too high and the boats can't get under the bridges, too low and the boats can't sail. That the real worry. This is our fourth trip with Tauck and we are really looking forward to it.
    See you in December, Lars and Johnnie Faye

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