Traveling During Octoberfest in Munich

Looking at the schedule for the Sept. 8 arrival, it looks like we will finish up during Octoberfest. We were thinking of staying a few extra days but are worried about the millions of people. Probably better to get to Munich a couple of days early to avoid Octoberfest since we want to hang out in the Horbauhaus.


  • We arrived in Munich several days early for our Ultimate Alps tour, during Octoberfest 2015, and had no problem with the crowds. We walked into many great restaurants, museums, beer halls, etc. without any delays or issues. We even went to Octoberfest without tickets and sat and enjoyed the revelry for several hours during the afternoon. At approximately 5:00 p.m. the hall was cleared for those who had tickets. Munich is a great city and more than capable of handling the crowds.
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