luggage requirements

Perhaps the moderator can help with this - I see different comments on the luggage weight restrictions for Antarctica. Can you tell me what Tauck says the weight restrictions are for the trip to and from Ushuaia for carry-on, personal and checked lugggage is. Thanks


  • I did this trip last year and agonized over the packing and weight restrictions. Going over (flight from BA to Ushuaia) - we were told and made to make our checked baggage 44 pounds. Our carry ons could weigh whatever - no restrictions. For the return flight we were told that our carry ons could only weigh 17 pounds and our checked luggage could weigh whatever. Our carry ons on the return flight to BA were not weighed. Not sure about the checked baggage. If you keep your checked bag to 44 pounds (mine was 46.5) and your carry on reasonable you will be fine.

    Something that may help - you can leave a bag at the hotel which will then catch up to you at the airport for your return flight. Lots of people left their warm weather clothes and just had the cold weather gear with them. That could help you with your weight problems.

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