We were on the TAUCK Antartica trip in 2014…you will LOVE it. We've traveled all over the world, many places with TAUCK. This trip remains my all-time, best ever, favorite place to go in the world. I still glow when asked what has your favorite trip been…we were blessed with superb weather, great tour directors, fantastic ship, an abundance of whales, seals, penguins, icebergs, sunshine and a great crew. You will absolutely love it. The landings are beyond description and always, TAUCK has some special features for their guests. Enjoy…take walking sticks…they will rescue you on the slippery rocks and uneven snow packed hikes. Ah…I wish I was going back!


  • Lil464 wrote:
    I am a solo traveler to my 7th continent leaving for the Ant on Jan. 28, 2016. This will be my 21 Tauck tour. Traveling first to Chile and Easter Island. Anyone out there care to contact me if you are on this Ant trip leaving Jan. 28,2016? Lil from Cleveland, Ohio. Can't believe no one on this trip is computer literate, or interested in talking!!
    Hi Lil, My wife Viji and I are on the Antarctica trip on 1/28/16. We are traveling to Buenos Aires a day in advance and staying at the Hilton, then join the ship at Ushuaia. We are from Albuquerque, NM. We'd love to meet you.
  • Hi Lil, I am Raj (the husband) and I do the posting but Viji is just as capable herself. Delighted to see your response. Thanks for the heads-up on BA. Did not realize that it is called the Paris of South America. This is our fourth Tauck tour, having been to Australia/New Zealand, Canadian Rockies and Iceland. In fact we had the same ship, L'aurial in Iceland. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!
  • Lil464 wrote:
    Perhaps no one is contacting me because I had the departure date wrong! I beleive we are leaving on the 26th!! Duh! You will be COLD in the ANT. I live in a cold climate and hike everyday I can year round with the Cleveland hiking club. We have 8-10 hikes to choose from every day of the year, unless there is lightening or a blizzard. You can check us out at You live in Albuquerque, a bit warmer.

    I did New Mex. with Tauck and loved your city plus Taos ( very spiritual and artsy) and Santa Fe. I felt I could live in NM. I also did Aust/NZ and the Canadian Rockies with Tauck. I did Iceland with the Smithsonian. My other TAUCKS were most of the National Parks, Spain/Portugal, Baltic Sea cruise, Cuba,Ozarks, Antebellum South, Maritime Provinces of Canada, Oregon, Hawaii, Ireland, Classic Italy, Scotland, Colorado, Galapagos and Machu, Colorado, Treasures of the Aegean. Many of these trips Tauck has retired. Next is China and perhaps an African Safari. PHEW!!

    I do look at other travel companies, but Tauck gives you the best bang for your buck. I used TRAVCOA ( even more upscale then TAUCK) for Morocco. I am also interested in Abercrombie and Kent (AK) for the safari--they are top shelf also. Smithsonian Journeys was great for Iceland--I went with them BEFORE Tauck even thought of visiting Iceland!

    I am a retired educator and now I am blessed to visit all the sites in the textbooks I taught from. I was a teacher for 16 years ( 6,7,8 grades) and a principal for 19 years ( elementary buildings). The best job I have ever had is retirement! I am an avid bridge player ( hope there are some on the trip), hiking, volunteer ushering at our local theater, and the list goes on. Sorry to bore you.

    Please tell me about yourselves. Your names seem to indicate you are from the Indian/Asian peninsula. I was in India 50 years ago. More about that another time. Cheers~~ Lil

    Hi Lil, I realized that you are on the same trip even though the date you had in your message was incorrect. Glad to hear that you are a retired educator. Viji was a Montessori teacher for quite a while before she retired and I am a retired electrical engineer. You are so correct in guessing that we are from India. We have been in the US (lived in New Jersey for 33 years) for 34 years via the UK where we lived in Edinburgh in Scotland and Cambridge in England for a total of 15 years. More about us when we meet on the trip. We moved to New Mexico early this year to be close enough to our daughter and our son. We travel to the San Fran Bay area often to spend time with our grandchildren.

    You have been on some very interesting tours so far. it must have been very exhilarating. We have been reading quite a bit about Antarctica and we realize it is going to be very cold there. Viji and I are avid walkers ourselves. We have a few places that we will like to visit but they are on our bucket list. We have looked at other travel companies but we thought we will stick with Tauck because we really enjoy their tours.

    I will look up the in the web to learn more about their activities. We will be leaving in three weeks on the tour. Cheers.
  • Hi Lil
    We (Jim and Sheilagh from Florida) are going on the Jan 26 th trip to Antarctica. We are going to Easter Island after Antarctica, and so we will be curious to hear about your trip. Would love to get together with you. We arrive in BA on the 26th. Do you (or anyone else) know if we can leave luggage at the Hilton while we are on the ship?

  • I believe you can leave luggage at the hotel--atleast that is what I have read in the forums, but I pack light. My makeup up at this age is probably more weight then my luggage! HA HA. Thanks for contacting me. At Easter Island I am staying at an all exclusive luxury restore called EXLPORA LODGE. I love luxury and my martinis. Looking forward to meeting both of you. Cheers~~ Lil from Cleveland, Ohio. YES, this is where the Repubs are coming in July. Like it or not~~ happy to take all the money!!

    Rapa Nui/ Easter Island
    Explore Lodge
  • Good to hear from you Lil-Your Easter Island trip sounds amazing. We are staying at a small hotel called La Perouse. We're having some trouble confirming our guide there-have to keep working on that. I hope you have a wonderful time-see you in BA.
  • Sheilagh wrote:
    Good to hear from you Lil-Your Easter Island trip sounds amazing. We are staying at a small hotel called La Perouse. We're having some trouble confirming our guide there-have to keep working on that. I hope you have a wonderful time-see you in BA.

    I am staying at the EXPLORE LODGE resort on EI. If you haven't been able to contact your guide, check this place out! Top shelf, like TAUCK, and that is the way I like to travel! Cheers~~
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