Canadian Rockies & Glacier Nat Pk July 2 2016

Hello fellow travelers,
Is anyone booked on this tour with us? We are from Naples, FL and this is our first trip to the Canadian Rockies or Glacier National Park. We have taken Tauck tours before and have loved them. Also, I would like to hear comments from people that have taken this trip in the past.


  • Tina,
    When we took this tour 18 years ago from England it was our first Tauck experience and we have never looked back. We were so pleased with the tour that since then we have taken 8 Tauck tours all around the World and been thrilled with every one. We book direct with Tauck these days instead of going through an agent and the staff there are so helpful.
    It looks like they have changed the tour somewhat since our tour, but the main elements are still there. You do not mention when you are going, but we went August and everything had thawed out nicely wherever we needed to go.
    Enjoy your tour.
  • Tina
    We took this trip 5 years ago, our first Tauck tour, and we loved it. Compared to other tours, this one is scenery intensive---no castles and cathedrals---instead you see Mother Nature's awesome beauty and majesty. This trip is the most casual one we have done besides Alaska. You need to look nice, but really dressy is not necessary, and you need to be warm. Glaciers are really cold!!! Enjoy your trip!!

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