Anyone else booked on Westbound Danube 12/3/16?

4 of my friends and I are on this and even though it's 10 months away....we're really excited about it. Look forward to chatting with others who may be going with us!

Laura :)


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    Seven friends and I will be joining you on this tour. Four of us did the Rhine River, Basel to Cologne market tour in 2014. We had such a good time that we immediately started planning for this trip. We are from a small town in southeast Georgia. I have already started exploring all of the cities. Lots of new and exciting cities to visit and explore. Naturally we are hoping for one day of snow, since we never well almost never see any snow. Planning on arriving a day early to explore Vienna....
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    Wonderful! We're all so excited about it. We're from Louisiana so we NEVER get snow. I'm hoping for some snowfall as well! Are you all girls? My group is all women.....we're leaving the men at home for this one! :) We'll be arriving in Vienna on December 2 as well
  • Also if any of you are on Facebook, I made a private FB page for our trip. We'd love to have you join us! You'd have to friend me first I think. Laura Dallam in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Laura...sorry for such a long time in replying. My family has been dealing with a very serious 57 year old son in law is going to require a lung transplant due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He is under the care of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and his health took a nose dive in early March and I just forgot about the trip. He is waiting to be placed on the transplant list and we hope it might happen soon. some kidney problems cropped up that had to be taken care of first.

    I still plan on going on the trip if at all possible. Thank goodness for trip insurance

    Yes, we are 8 women. four of us, Lynn, Ann, Annette and I have traveled together often. We are all on facebook, too. Look me up...Donna Allen Nance.

    We are flying in on Dec. 2nd, too. I called Tauck to inquire about a guide for the afternoon and maybe the next morning too. Vienna is such a big city and we did not want to visit sites that Tauck will cover. They said they did not have a local guide to recommend, so I am doing some research on that too.

    Hopefully things will work out for me to make the trip...
  • So sorry to hear about your son in law! I sent you a friend request on FB then I can add you to our group. Would love to have you guys join us to chat before the cruise! Going with me are Cindi, Paige, Tami and JoAnn.
  • SLHower - My wife (Liane) and I (Steve) are from Kansas City area and are joining 2 friends from California (Gwen and Geri) on this trip. Geri's brother and sister-in-law are also joining us. This is our first River Cruise and we are very excited. Liane and I are spending 4 days in Budapest before arriving in Vienna on Saturday. We look forward to meeting you all.
  • Hi Liane and Steve! If you and your friends are interested we have a FB page for our group. I think we have to be "friends" for me to add you, so please look me up (Laura Dallam - Baton Rouge, LA).
  • Hi Laura - I will look you up on FB - Baton Rouge - I hope you all escaped the flooding?
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    My husband and I are booked on the Westbound Danube December 3. This will be our 4th Tauck trip and we are really looking forward to the Christmas markets! I would love to join the Facebook group for this trip - it would be nice to get to know our fellow travelers even before we go!
    Martha Ann Murray
    Winston-Salem NC
  • Hello????. My friend Pam and I will be joining all of you on this wonderful adventure. We were fortunate to travel with Tauck last December on a Christmas Market tour on the Rhine. We enjoyed it so much, we couldn't resist taking this tour. We look forward to getting acquainted with all of you. We are arriving on December 1st and hope to have an opportunity to tour a bit of Vienna before we join the cruise December 3rd. We would love to have anyone interested contact us re: sightseeing. Safe travel to all!
  • Hi Martha and TravelingGals....look me up on FB "Laura Dallam" in Baton Rouge, LA. I think we have to be friends for me to add you to the group. Only 2 weeks left until we (here in BTR) leave!
  • Hi everyone!
    My husband and I are going on this tour on December 11th! We are SO excited and counting down! We've been to the Christmas markets twice before, but never on a river cruise. Anybody going on the 11th? We'll be in Vienna a couple days earlier. Happy travels and Happy Thanksgiving! Barbara and Brian
  • Hi everyone,
    I will not be on this trip but looking at it for holiday time, 2017. Would love if you all have time when you return to review trip itinerary, weather, etc.

    Have a wonderful time!
  • Elise and I are going on the westbound Christmas cruise departing Vienna on Dec 3rd. Our first Taulk cruise was Amsterdam to Budapest in Sept 2016. Fabulous trip. Can't wait to get back to some of the same places. Our friends Clay & Sue Reaser are joining us as well. They are from Westport, NY. We live in Shelburne, VT. Will arrive in Vienna on Dec 1st, and depart Nürnberg on Dec 11th. Looking forward to meeting you all.
    Woody Widlund

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