Degree of difficulty of trip

My wife and I would like to take this trip in2012. However we are both in our 80s and not as fit or agile as we used to be.
In addition we tend to be slow starters in the mornings and would not enjoy a steady diet of early morning starts to catch the coach etc.
Can anyone offer helpful advice as to whether or not we are wise to consider taking this trip. We understand that at some venues walking on rough surfaces etc is involved and we might have to sit some of these walks out.
We are really interested in the itinerary however and would be prepared to accept some drawbacks as long as we could still enjoy the trip and, of course, not be a drag on our fellow travellers. We are independent - just a bit slow.
Comments from Tauck or anyone who has done the trip would be much appreciated.


  • My wife and I took this trip in late August. It is a wonderful trip, with many memorable sights and experiences. We are in our mid 60s and had no difficulty and most of the older members on the trip seemed to do well. The one exception is Mont-St-Michel which has many many many steps. Also, while Tauck has a good balance between group tour time and individual time, most days do start out around 9 am. I hope this is helpful to you
  • I just got back from this trip, and there are many opportunities to skip any excursion that's too strenuous. For example, only about 2/3 of my group went up to Mont Saint Michel, which is a lot of steps. The only downside is that since all excursions are included in the price, you're opting out of events that you've already paid for. Lots of walking on this trip, and sometimes we were at a location for only 75 minutes, so if you walk slowly you'll miss even more of what tiny amount you're able to see in such a short time.
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