What an amazing experience this trip is!!!

I recently returned from the Dubai and Arabian Peninsula trip.....wish I could go again. Every day was a new adventure. As usual, Tauck picked the best hotels, had top local guides, and our tour operator Steve showed us his passion for the both the region and its people. The interaction we had with the locals was enlightening and gave me a new perspective on the countries and Islam, the visit to the falcon hospital was incredible and we while there were actually able to witness two procedures, going out into the desert (and riding a camel) was amazing, and who would have believed I'd get to taste camel milk gelato!!! I wish we were in Oman a week later to see to a performance at their beautiful opera house. Imagine being in countries where a liter of water costs more than a liter of gasoline. The region is so safe, clean, new and exciting....pack your bags and go while you can as sadly this tour is not on the Tauck calendar for next year.


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    I am booked on this tour in December. Can you tell me about the 4 x 4 ride through the desert. It sounds like an uncomfortable trip for someone who gets motion sickness and has problems being out in the sun. Are there any alternative ways to go on this tour.

    Also, how about the sea plane ride for someone who does not like small planes? I would appreciate any advice. The trip does sound great overall.
    Ginnie B

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