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  • You have restarted the Morroco tour?
  • I see you have a free transfer from the airport in Rabat to the hotel there at the start of the tour. Will you also permit a free transfer from the airport in Casablanca to the hotel in Rabat? The air service into Rabat is much more limited than it is from Casablanca especially when try to connect from the US. Please consider this. Thank you.
  • There is an excellent flight from Paris CDG on Air France to Rabat.
  • Traveling on the October 31st Magic of Morocco
    Looking forward to meeting our traveling companions

  • We also plan to be on the Oct. 31st trip...2 from Ohio and 2 others from California. We are flying in from the Duoro River cruise on the 31st. which we cut short by a day to make the BTB work. Tauck was good enough to give us a credit for one less day there.
    We are taking the GOT in Marrakech at the end so we will have to figure out what to do that day. Any suggestions?
    Tauck is now showing Oct. 31st as sold out with 7 other later dates still available.

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