Spain & Portugal 14 Day Trip

Are there any events or dining venues that would require a mans suit/woman's cocktail dress? Don't want to be under-dressed but don't want to pack unnecessary "dressy' attire. Thanks.


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    Hi Patricia. We've been on other Tauck Tours; and I just took along a couple dresses (not super dressy). My husband
    had a sport jacket along (no tie). That should be fine. Our friends took this exact same trip last spring; and he said more than half the guys had jackets. Looks like it's going to be cool in the evenings...
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    Thanks Valerie,

    We've done 2 Tauck Christmas rivers boats (both VERY casual) & then the Vienna New Years Event this past New Years Eve (very dressy). Never a "land" trip. Hubby will be very happy that a sports jacket, collared shirt & perhaps a tie will be all that's required :)

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