September 24th , 2016 Soithbound trip

Hello, we are on the trip starting September 24th , 2016. Wonder if anyone else on the forum is on the same trip ?


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    We are on the August 26th trip. I wish more people who have taken this tour recently would post additional information on their experience.
    I read reviews on the web site yesterday. It does appear to have great reviews.
    This is our first Tauck trip. We have traveled to Europe using many other tour companies and River boat lines. From what I have heard and read Tauck is number one. Can't wait to see for ourselves.
    My only concern is sea and if cabin is cramped.
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    Yes, I wish more people would post about their experiences. This will be our 5th Tauck tour. We just got back from Classic Italy small group in May. We have done other trips and Tauck is the best ! We won't travel with anyone else now.
    I believe this will be a beautiful trip. I liked it because it was different from our other travels. We went on the Danube Rivercruise and the cabins are of coarse pretty small but we found we basically were in them only to sleep. Not bad at all. Not sure if these are bigger ? As far as the sea, I believe it is pretty calm. I'm taking some seasick meds just in case I need them. Have a great trip. I want to hear what you think ???? And of coarse if you have any tips or suggestions.
    Monica ????
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    It was so nice to see your reply post. I wish we were on the same trip.
    I have only heard superlatives on Tauck travel. We have enjoyed every trip we have taken so we are very excited to take a Tauck trip.
    I wish so many of our other trips didn't overlap with Tauck itineraries but I am sure this will not be our last TAuck trip.
    Maybe will will be on the same trip one day.
    The person who posted Monaco was boring did hit home with me. We did spend time there on a Burgandy to Provance river cruise and I felt the same. However, I did a little research when I saw we would be spending time there once again. They have an aquarium that I know my husband will enjoy. Plus I think if we explored a different direction from the hotel there is some quaint things to see. I will certainly check out more options this time.
    Nice to chat with you.
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    Also, Monaco was beautiful and to see the Palace and church where Princess Grace was married was special. The curve where the race is every year is in the front of our hotel to provide a sweet reflection of a wonderful vacation.

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