First day side tour Grand Alaska tour 6/23/2016

We arrived in Anchorage a day early and decided to take a float plane trip because we had the whole day off before the official trip began. Tauck has a plane trip for us to Denali on the third day, but we wanted a personal tour to make sure we didn't get cancelled by bad weather.

The hotel recommended Rust's Flying Service. Since they had a three hour trip to Prince William sound and the glaciers available, we set up that trip for the afternoon. It was a great flight down through the mountains and valleys about 75 miles north of the airport. The scenery and dozens of glaciers was incredible, but the best part was when the pilot spotted some seals and took the plane down to about 100 ft. so we could get a better look at the seals on the shore, then landed right near a large group. A number of the younger seals swam out to the plane and made a real show of chasing us around. While in that area, wenalso spotted a couple of whales from the air.

It was a fantastic tour and worth every dollar since the weather was perfect as well as the temperature (70's).

Michael Echols
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