Magic of Morocco March 26, 2017

We are heading to Morocco finally!!!! Been on my our list for a while.

This tour looks so exciting. Hope you are joining us!

Susan and Max Brener


  • HI...I am also booked on the trip to Morocco on 26 March 2017 and arriving on the 25th. I am retired and have taken many Tauck trips and travel alone. I'm eagerly anticipating a fun time in Morocco and look forward to meeting you.
    Mary Ellen
  • We are planning this trip for the Fall of 2017, hope you guys post some awesome pics and travel tips!!!! Enjoy your trip!!!!!! (Did all that sound like a Dr. Suess book)
  • Mary Ellen,

    We look forward to meeting you. SO looking forward to this trip, but first, onto the Christmas Markets along the Rhine.

    Will definitely take many pictures.
  • Enjoy the German Christmas markets. I lived for many years in Europe and the Christmas markets were always a high point of the holiday season....Try the gluewine... fantastic..!!!
  • Love the gluewine!! Not our first visit to the Christmas Markets, We love them.

    Will report back.

  • Hello Mary Ellen,

    I will be arriving in Rabat on March 25 as well. I'm a single traveler and have taken many trips with Tauck. I look forward to seeing you.

  • Hi Patricia....I'm arriving on Mar 25, flying via Paris, and should arrive in Rabat at 12:10. I look forward to meeting you...maybe coffee or a drink later that day? I have also had many opportunities to travel with Tauck and eagerly anticipating this trip.

    Travel safely...Mary Ellen
  • Mary Ellen, I'm arriving in Rabat from Paris at 12:10 pm as well. We might bump into each other at the Paris airport; I'm actually starting out from JFK in New York. At any rate, I'll see you on the transfer to the hotel in Rabat.

    Take care,

  • Good Morning to all,

    We are also on the 12:10 Rabat arrival flight on March 25. Connecting in Paris from Atlanta.

    Just finished our immunizations and ready to go. Now, to the packing.

    See you all soon.

    Susan and Max
  • It appears that there will be a number of us on the hotel transfer in Rabat...and maybe cross paths in Paris.

    I'm doing a good deal of business travel, so just opened the suitcase this morning and starting to toss things in...the weather appears to be moderate while we are in Morocco....Not really sure what I will pack, but probably the usual for sightseeing and a couple of things for dinners in the evening...Does anyone have any specific suggestions?....Most Tauck tours aren't really "formal", so I hope I'll be OK.

    Safe travels to all...MEH
  • We all will need a scarf or shawl to cover our heads and shoulders at times. We are taking a list of our meds from Dr. and not the bottles from each.
    I am not taking any heels. Cannot wear them anyhow. Thinking we will not be "dressy" either. Maybe a little more for sometimes.

    I am planning to ask our tour guide to please set up a guide in the Spice Market for a brief lecture (class) on Moroccan spices and the opportunity, after explained, to purchase. This will be our morning off in Marrakesh. I understand it is done in a professional way and works well. If anyone is interested, or has another idea, just let me know or our Tauck guide.

    Many of us may be on the same flight. Hope we have the opportunity to meet up in Paris. Think we are all on different arrival flights into Paris.

    See you soon. Safe travels.

    Susan and Max
  • Hi,

    According to one of the reps at Tauck, the temp in Morocco should be about 70-75 degrees and from all my previous travels with Tauck I think the best bet for attire is casual and not too dressy -- sort of mix and match.

    Take care,

  • Hello, everyone.
    Wishing you all a great trip & also would like to kindly ask you guys to write a review for us ..the ones that are booked for late 2017. :))
    Would love the feedback.
  • I can only speak for us. Happy to let you know. It will be great!

  • Thanks Susan. I'm going next Feb. 2018 and would like to know about the dynamic of the tour , how much time do you really have for xtra activities , Spa etc... or if it's all pack on the go back to back ... I'm planing to add 2 xtra days @ the end in Marrakech . I've contracted a private guide to see around and also plan on doing a photography tour . So any info is all welcome . :)) Thanks again , have fun

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