China Westbound Tour Sept 6th - Tour of Jewish Shanghai

Hi Fellow China Westbound Travelers,

We have found what looks like a terrific tour of Shanghai's Jewish community.
We are planning to go the afternoon of Sept 9th.
If anyone else is interested, that would be great. There is a minimum of 10 ppl for the afternoon tours. The cost is approx $65US per person. It's a 4 - 5 hour tour. You can google Shanghai Jewish Tours. The reviews are amazing.

Thanks - looking forward to meeting you all!


  • We took this tour last October.

    For more info on the Shanghai Jewish tour, do a search for Shanghai in the upper right corner. The local guide that Tauck uses also does a private tour during the free time in afternoon. Those is our group that took it were pleased with the tour guide.
  • I too have been in contact with Dvir for this tour, but I am trying to set it up for the afternoon of the 10th. Please see my post on page 2 of this forum under topic starter Danny. I think the 10th is a better date since there is a special lunch on the 9th and then we have the acrobats at night. It seems that on the afternoon of the 10th we are on our own for lunch and the afternoon. I have been in touch with Dvir who is trying to channel other people for the afternoon of the 10th.

  • Hi Danny,

    I'm sure we'll be able to align on our dates....we liked the 9th better after a quick review of the schedule. Let's figure it out when we meet in HK.
    I told Dvir that we'd be in touch after we arrived in Asia to firm up the date. Thanks.
  • I still favor the 10th, but we can discuss it when we both get to Hong Kong. See you then.

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