Malta tours, 17-18 September 2016

We'll be in Malta at noon on 17 September and are arranging a day-and-a-half of tours. We couldn't find scheduled tours we want, so we're writing to tour guides. Here's what we're sending a couple of them:

"We arrive in Malta at noon on Saturday, 17 September, and will stay at the Corinthia Palace. We must be back at the hotel at 6 PM on Sunday to begin a tour with Tauck, so we have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday to learn what we can.

"On Monday, Tauck takes us on a guided tour of Mdina, a drive around St. Julian’s Bay, a walking tour of Valletta, and a tour of St. John’s, so we do not want to duplicate that tour.

"We think we’d like to learn about Gozo and the Three Cities. Perhaps there would be time to learn about other sites although it does not seem likely that we could see the Hypogeum. And we’d like to attend mass during this time. What are your thoughts?"

Would you like to join us?

Phil and Carolyn


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    hello Phil and Carolyn,

    We will be leaving for this tour next week. When the itinerary changed (we saw the palace on a previous trip); it afforded a day that we could tour other near by areas in the south of France. I set up an aggressive 10 hour tour to take in things I thought would be interesting. I inquired if this company did anything in Malta and they did not.
    However the selection of on line tour companies that go to Gozo is extensive. I have not decided if we will book ahead of time or wait until we get there.
    Gozo looks like a must.
    I have been so looking forward to this trip. Now that it is close I just get anxious.
    Wish you were on the same trip but who know what the future has in store.
    We have traveled with many companies different ways but this is our first Tauck trip.

    Have a great adventure.
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    We saw southern France on a Vantage cruise on the Saone and Rhone rivers. Wish it had been with Tauck. Then we saw the Rhine with Tauck.

    Yes, we think we must see Gozo, and it does look like there are many tour companies that cover it. However, when you look at booking, you find that they only cover it on certain days of the week. One company only goes to Gozo on Wednesdays.

    Tell us what not to miss on the cruise. P&C
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    We just returned from this tour. We had one extra day in Malta. We scheduled private tour in Monaco but my husband told me to wait until we got to Malta to book the Gozo tour. I am so happy that we did. There is so much to see in Malta one day does not give you enough time. At hotel your Tauck tour director or hotel can advise you about day tours. Malta was my husband favorite place. Our tour director told us what we could expect from both places and we were not disappointed with our choice.
    I am envious that you are about to embark on this most wonderful trip.
    Someone in earlier post stated you will not be disappointed. Truer words were never said.
    I can't put into words how great Erica and Tato were to each and every one of us. They earned a place in our hearts forever. The places we visited; each was more beautiful than the next.
    The La Ponant captain and crew are second to none. You can't be trained to give the excellent service each provided.
    They took care of us with open hearts and made us feel like welcome family they were happy to entertain.
    We had an entertainer Latka on board that I am sure will be famous one day you will have to see for yourselves.

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