Hong Kong - January 6, 2017

We are on the January 9, 2017 tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. We will be staying at the Intercontinental in Hong Kong for two nights before we fly to Hanoi on January 7. We'd like to arrange a tour of Hong Kong for January 6th. Any suggestions?


  • Last December, I stayed in Hong Kong for a few days prior to beginning my Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos tour. We spent 2 days with a private guide, Jamie of J3 Hong Kong Tours. He was superb...very quirky, entertaining, knowledgeable and organized. We covered so much...by foot and public transportation. He explained the Hong Kong culture and lifestyle...opinionated for sure but passionate in his love of HK. We found him thru trip advisor and contacted him via email - [email protected]
    In addition, we did a food walking tour with Hello Hong Kong...very interesting and delicious! On our own with the specific instructions provided by Jamie, we traveled to Lamma Island to see the Big Buddha and then onward to Tai O, a small fishing village. Although we enjoyed our day, I would not recommend this excursion if your time is limited.

    I am headed back to Kong Kong in February for a few days (and then to Singapore for a few days) enroute to my Portrait of India tour --yes, a bit of convoluted travel but I was able to secure business class seats for a relative bargain point-wise by traveling through Hong Kong. I have finalized my plans -- this time we are doing a tea tasting with Mingcha (visit: www.mingcha.com) and then a food tour in Kowloon with Eating Adventures (eating adventures.com). I found these through trip advisor. . Also on the agenda is a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History, a junk boat trip to Cheung Chau to explore another area and finally we will travel to The Peak ( there was no time for this last year). And of course, we will visit the Markets...my favorite activity!!

    HK is a fun city...much to see and do! Have fun -- I know you will enjoy Vietnam and Cambodia...fascinating!!

  • Nancy - thank you so much for the information. Very helpful! Safe travels!
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