Jewish Tour of Shanghai

If you are on the Oct. 5-17 Eastbound tour and interested in taking a half-day Jewish tour while in Shanghai, let's talk. Friends who traveled there in May told of of this experience which they said was wonderful. We have an afternoon on our in (October 18) and would be a unique experience. I believe they need 10 people at $65 each to make the tour happen. They have a webpage - Please post if you are interested.



  • We are on the October 5-17 Eastbound tour and are interested in the half-day Jewish tour while in Shanghai. I wonder if the tour guide would sign us up for this or would we have to do it in advance?

  • We just came back today from the China Eastbound trip. You will have a wonderful time. The Shanghai Jewish Refugee Center is well worth the visit. Fun Fun, Tauck's local Shanghai guide can handle the tour during your spare afternoon. Ten participants is not needed. She is very knowledgable and charged RMB 300 about $45 per person.
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