Flightseeing near Denali

Understanding that this is a weather-dependent activity, and learning that the alternative would be just a leisure day, what is Tauck's experience..i.e. Does this flightseeing tour usually take place or not? Also, sounds like an expensive and important activity; is it really not replaced with something equivalent in value and interest if the weather doesn't cooperate? We are contemplating this trip with one or two grandchildren, summer 2017. moderator: any insight?


  • I have the same question and did not see a reply so wanted to see if you already did your trip and what your experience was with the flightseeing? Thanks!
  • We did flight seeing over and around Denali on our own after an Alaskan cruise. It was a nice prop-jet from the Talkeetna airstrip. Our first scheduled flight was cancelled and we got a last minute call the next day and we were please with the experience. There were some low clouds however after we broke thru them the majesty of Denali was in our face.
  • We went on the Grand Alaska trip several years ago, and the flightseeing around Denali was part of the itinerary. We were blessed with outstanding weather the entire trip, so we saw the mountain on a crystal clear day. I know, we were lucky. Tauck uses Rust Air Service for the flightseeing trip. Go to their website and call them directly for an answer to your question. See pages 122 and 126 in the 2017 catalog for a picture of their red planes. Since you will be taking the grands, you might also consider going a day or two early and doing a trip to see the bears at Crescent Lake at Redoubt Mountain Lodge. You do this out of Anchorage, also on Rust Air. These two activities were the highlights of our 2 week long land/cruise trip. We enjoyed the trip so much that we are taking our kids and grands on the same trip this summer.
    Bear in mind, pun intended, that you must go during July to see the bears at Redoubt. That is when the salmon are there. Enjoy your trip.
  • Which Princess ship were you on and did you like it? We are thinking about doing the Alaska Grand tour but i can't decide which ship is the best to take. We hope to go next June.
    Thank you

  • We went on Grand Alaska last year. Our flightseeing trip was canceled due to weather. We received a refund. Given the recent crashes of Alaska flightseeing planes, my guess is that they will be erring on the side of caution even more so than usual.

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