Bellissima Northern Italy - October 2, 2017

Has anyone signed up for the Bellissima Northern Italy small group tour beginning on October 2, 2017? My husband and I are from Dallas and my husband's sister is from California and the three of us have signed up.


  • Yes, my husband and I have signed up --- It will be grand!
  • We are from Falls Church, VA just outside DC.
  • We are on this trip arriving Milan Oct. 1. Mary and Cliff from Raleigh, NC.
  • Arriving Milan Oct. 1 for the Tauck tour beginning Oct. 2. We have booked a tour of Duomo for the afternoon of Oct.1. After our Tauck trip we are boarding the Regent Explorer on Oct.14 for a cruise to Rome. Anyone else on this cruise, by chance?
  • Hope you do NOT get our tour director, she was NOT very good!

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