Patagonia trip on 2nd of December,16

We are taking the Patagonia trip starting the 2nd. Any one else on the trip?
We would like to get some advice about (a) clothes and shoes to pack, (b) camera and lenses to take.
If any one has been on the tour close to these dates would very much appreciate input.


  • For clothing tips see my August 27, 2016 post in this forum.

    Regarding a camera - this is a wide open question, I'm not sure what you have or, if you're buying, what you're willing to spend (and how serious you want to get about photography). Since you mention lenses, I will assume that your have a DSLR or mirrorless ILC. I would bring a full range from wide to telephoto. For wildlife shots, you'll want at least a 200mm telephoto (assuming you have a crop frame sensor DSLR). Buy you'll also want a wide angle for landscapes. If you have a DSLR or ILC, you'll want to bring polarizing filters for all your lenses. The reflections off the glaciers on sunny days demand this.

    If you can give me more specifics about your camera needs, I can give a more specific reply.

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