Packing Tips - India/Nepal

I have just returned from the 10/16/2016 trip to India/Nepal. This trip is right after the Monsoon Season and before winter. It was hot and humid everywhere but Bandhavgarh. I am a woman - here are my observations and tips:
Ladies - get yourselves a pedicure and pack your flip-flops. The Indian and Nepalese (men and women) wear flip flops. Bring your best - fancy, wedges, flats, plain, whatever you have. You will fit right in. Of course you need walking shoes also but you can probably get away with flat slip-ons. ( I had slip-ons and work-out tennis shoes. Wore the Tennis Shoes on Safari, slip-on flats in town, but I didn't bring flip-flops) The majority of Indian women wear traditional wear, which is soooo beautiful. The Sari, The Kurti. Our Tauck guide wore ankle length jeans (different colors) and cotton button up shirts, with sleeves in various lengths. These will serve you well if you are struggling about what to bring. Men can wear shorts (mostly outside the cities) but I never saw a woman wearing them. Sleeveless blouses seem to be okay,(you will not see a native wearing anything sleeveless) but they should be modest with a higher neckline. You will need a light jacket for the tiger safari as well as a hat, gloves, and maybe another layer piece. I wore a long sleeve tee, sweatshirt, jacket layer in the Banhavgarh mornings. All of the hotels have blow-dryers. If you bring an adaptor, you can use a flat-iron (or curling iron) everywhere. Flashlight on Safari is helpful. I have just been home 24 hours but wanted to share this - hope it may help!


  • Very helpful, thank you! A question, was there a lot of opportunity to buy clothes on the tour? I've read that people travel with one or two pairs of leggings and maybe an outfit or two but buy blouses and dresses there. As I love Indian fabrics and designs, I would love to take this approach if there is time for shopping during the trip. Thanks for the advice!
  • I would definitely suggest some to have some sunscreen as it is too hot in India. Also carry some medicine for common cold and other easily catchable diseases.
  • Jody - my husband and I took this trip in November and loved it. We arrived a few days early and we able to go to a local mall near the Oberoi for the ATM & shopping. There is a store called "fabindia" and they have a large selection of items. It was nice to have time to try on the clothes without being rushed. They have a website that lists all of their locations throughout India. There isn't a lot of time for shopping so getting it done beforehand was great for me. Take a few tops in case you can't find what you want along the way. The LaLit Temple View Khajuraho has a gift shop with a nice selection of pashminas at decent prices.
  • We are traveling on this trip in October 2017. From Scottsdale. Anyone else
  • Going November 18, 2019 anyone else?

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