Dress for dinner at Antoines

whats the dress code for the first evening's dinner at Antoines?


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    edited December 2016
    These are photos from their website:
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    Thank you for the link, Johnel5
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    My pleasure. But whatever you do, don't eat all the Oysters Rockefeller!
    Love them, love them, love them!
    Our head chef made them as part of a special Holiday Happy Hour here at our retirement community last week and I was able to hold myself back and only eat a dozen. He did an excellent job on them. Maybe not Antoine's but very, very close. We eat pretty well here. In fact, this is part of the New Years Eve menu http://www.preswickglen.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/NYE-1.jpg
    Notice the untouchable "prices." That's because it's actually part of our monthly service charge "food plan."

    Our TAUCK group will be doing this trip starting April 18 and I expect to eat my share of oysters and then some. Had my first Oysters Rockefeller at Antoine's in 1972 and it's been a few years since I had them there last so I'm more than ready.
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    I live in New Orleans and would definitely dress for dinner at Antoine's. I would suggest a dress shirt and tie at the minimum and a jacket would not be out of line. For the ladies cocktail attire of either dressy pants or a pretty dress is certainly called for. Dinner at Antoine's is an event, both to enjoy the food and the company. The pace is slow like the Mississippi River nearby and the staff is gracious and very well versed. Enjoy!
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    thanks for the tips, RhondaDe. I'm very excited about the wonderful dining options in New Orleans. Its been far too many years since Ive been there.

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