South Africa Elegant Adventure, June 21 2013

My husband and I are going on this trip, arriving in Cape Town on the 20th. I have a friend who came back from South Africa 2 weeks ago (not from a Tauck Tour) and loved the country. She has traveled many places and believes the people in South Africa are the friendliest.

I have found many interesting and helpful posts in this forum. Thanks to all you veterans for taking the time!


  • Hi, Susan,
    Three of us (my husband, myself, and a friend) are traveling on the June 21 Elegant South Africa trip, arriving Capetown June 19. We are from Northern Virginia. What about you?
  • Hello All,
    My husband and I will also be on the South Africa trip beginning June 21. Our friends went on the same itinerary with Tauck last year and said it was the best trip they ever took...
    Has anyone investigated the weather.(..theoretically it will be winter in South Africa (and the shortest day of the year there) when we arrive.) I am wondering what type of clothes we should bring.

    Judy S.

  • Debbie and Judy,
    We live in Tampa and will be coming to Cape Town, via Belgium, on the 20th. Regarding the weather everything I have read gives average temperatures from lows in the hi 40s to highs in the mid 60s... sounds like clothes that can be layered might work the best.

    Judy, I am glad to hear how much your friends liked the trip. We usually travel on our own and have taken just 2 other tours only 1 of which was Tauck..Russia a couple of years ago...and were very pleased. We planned this one through American Express and Tauck was their #1 recommendation.
  • Smallslam
    My friend who is from South Africa said that it can get windy and rainy and cool.
    Layering and long silk underwear works for me, I hope. Used it in Iceland over a New Years weekend and was nice and warm.
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