Best time of year to visit Africa

I live in Alaska and I am already signed up for some Tauck tours in Europe next year.

I am considering the Africa trips for the future and I am wondering when is the best time to go? I would personally prefer the October/November timeframe, but June is also good for me. I am looking at the BSZ tour or Kenya & Tanzania: Classic Safari.


  • What is the best time of year to visit Alaska? I have fond memories from each visit, covering spring, summer and winter. I suggest that you review the itineraries, identify the activities (eg, herd migrations, animal interactions, baby animals) that are most important to you, and use Google to determine when they peak. I chose to go on the BSZ trip in April (just after the rainy season) because I wanted to optimize my opportunity to see lush vegetation and animals with young - at the risk of encountering rain and missing the most colorful sunsets (created by dust in October).
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