Antartica and trekking poles

We are going on the Feb. 8, 2014 Antarctica tour. Should we buy trekking poles? Are they necessary? Can we purchase them prior to boarding the ship, if we need them.


  • We went a couple of seasons ago and brought ours along. Fit diagonally in suitcase and we were happy to have on some of the landings ( some walks were rather rocky and some were a bit icy). One each worked for us.
  • I am on the February 8 trip to Antarctica also and I just called Tauck and asked them to reply to this email re trekking poles which I think we definitely need. They gave me the number for POLAR OUTFITTERS-888-924-2050 and I plan to call them and also call a local outfitter. I understand that some of them are folding. L.L.Bean has folding poles, I do not know if they are the ones for ice and snow. My email is [email protected] if you care to reply.
  • Hello Edris,

    Trekking poles/walking sticks are not available on board for guests to borrow. Guests may be able to purchase a walking stick in Ushuaia for approximately USD $40. If you are planning on bringing walking sticks/ trekking poles for the tour, rubber tipped walking stick would be best.

    Hope this helps,
  • I just got back from Antarctica on 2/1/14 and here is what I recommend. YES to a folding cane or better, walking sticks. As important as boots. A MUST in my opinion. I'm going to write a review soon but for now I highly recommend TAUCK and this trip but you need be in pretty good shape, make sure you take OTC meds of all kinds, sunglasses, and a carry on suitcase whether you need it or not. All of the above will be obvious in time.
  • Hi Bob,

    My 81 year old husband just returned from your Tauck Tour. I'm glad you liked Tauck. It was his 20th tour with them. We always carry our own meds either RX or OTC. You can't rely on a gift shop to have them. He brought boots with him and left them on the ship for the crew. There was NO way he was going to bring them back to California.


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