May31-June14 Grand Alaska Trip

We are wondering whether we need snow boots, rain boots, any boots and if a coat with a liner will be appropriate (warm enough or not) for this trip on the inland portion of our tour?


  • Hi JCummings,

    Below is the packing information from the Before You Go for this trip:
    Dress for comfort and convenience with a wardrobe that is flexible and allows for layering. Casual, cotton clothing is recommended. A sweatshirt and rain-resistant jacket should be enough protection against the morning and evening chill. Although the weather is mild in the summer months, be prepared for a wide range of temperatures. The maritime weather of the Kenai Peninsula is often overcast and damp. Most importantly, bring comfortable yet sturdy walking shoes that have already been broken-in.

    The Hotel Alyeska and Hotel Captain Cook provide valet laundry services. The Kenai Princess has coin-operated laundry facilities.

    We recommend that you pack an adequate supply of your prescription medication in its original container to last through your entire journey, together with a copy of your doctor’s prescription (or a letter from your health-care provider on office stationery explaining that the medication has been prescribed for you), a list of the generic names of your medication, your travel documents and a change of clothing in your carry-on bag to avoid any inconvenience in the event that your flight or luggage is delayed.

    Following is a list of recommended items to pack for your journey in Alaska:
    • Comfortable yet sturdy walking shoes that have already been broken-in (very important!)
    • Rain gear - Raincoat, rain hat and umbrella
    • Shorts and long pants or jeans
    • Short and long-sleeved cotton shirts
    • Tee shirts
    • Light sweater
    • Light-weight jacket
    • Fleece jacket or warm sweatshirt
    • Warm hat, gloves and socks
    • Windbreaker for the raft trip
    • Swimwear
    • Sunglasses, sunscreen and sun hat
    • Insect repellent
    • Camera, lenses, batteries, memory cards and/or plenty of film
    • Telephoto lens
    • Binoculars
    • Bridges Backpack and/or fanny-pack
    • Copies of your travel documents that should be secured in the safe in your room while traveling

    Children may want to consider bringing along pocket toys and games with a "sound off" button or portable radio/CDs with headphones for use on longer travel days. Journals, binoculars and cameras are also great for children to have with them to make the most of their adventure.

    Each child 17 and under will be sent a complimentary backpack from Tauck Bridges! If the child resides in the continental United States, the backpack will be sent to his or her home approximately two weeks prior to the tour departure date. If the child resides outside of the continental U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska, the backpack will be waiting on arrival at the first hotel on your itinerary.

    I hope this helps!

  • JCummings wrote:
    We are wondering whether we need snow boots, rain boots, any boots and if a coat with a liner will be appropriate (warm enough or not) for this trip on the inland portion of our tour?

    You won't need snow boots but definitely hiking boots or similar heavy duty shoes. Plan layers for clothes. Alaskan temps vary at this time of year and a lined coat with sweater underneath is not out of the question. Rain gear is a must! The weather up and around Denali especially can change in a heartbeat. You'll need warmer clothes in the Glacier Park during the second week anyway. Bring casual clothing (this is the Alaskan bush) for the first week - you won't be dressing up. Casual business attire is fine for the cocktail/dinner in Anchorage - you won't need anything dressy for the land tour.

    The cruise ship is casual daywear and a little dressier for dinner. But you don't need formal suits or cocktail dresses.

    Bring lots of insect repellant for this time of year - Mosquitos will be present and they not shy!

    It's a wonderful trip and you won't be disappointed!

    Have fun,

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