Back from April 14th Spotlight on Australia - ULURU and Caines

Hi Folks

Sorry if I offended anyone by capitalizing Uluru. I wanted those of you following me to know it was a different post.
Like I said I am not discussing the guides duties because it will spoil your trip.
This post is just for info and or lessons learned.

Uluru was great. Our guide Leroy made it fun by telling stories about the area and the people. Prior to arriving we received our nets which were an option if you didn't want to bat the flies. They weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I think it depends on the time of the year, amount of rain, and the heat.

Don't spend all your time eating the snacks, which were quite tasty. Grab that camera and start taking pictures of Uluru. As the sun sets the Uluru colors change. You won't know how much it has changed unless you have it on film. Also the sky behind the rock took on lovely colors. I think a picture every 10 minutes will work.

The next day we headed back to Uluru where Leroy walked us around the base. Unlike the Royals they did not clear a path for us. Yes, they were actually out there clearing and smoothing the red clay so they would have a comfy walk. Actually Kate should have been allowed to take off her heels. I still haven't figured out what happened to the flies when they were there. They didn't have on hats and were not fanning them away.

The walk around Uluru takes approximately 90 minutes. You stop and listen to stories (some might be true but we won't ever know). Leroy just had a great way of doing his presentation.

After Uluru we went into town and had lunch. I had asked Gary about the Royal Flying Doctors. This was not a planned stop. He announced that he had made arrangements for those who wanted to go to that exhibit to get back on the bus while the others toured the area. I found this unplanned trip very informative. How many souvenir places do you really need to see; if given the option go.

Sails in the Desert Hotel has a free laundry. There is a grocery store within 5 minute walk. Buy snacks here just remember these things: 1. you have to pay $.20 for a bag to carry them out of the store (take your own) 2. what you buy adds weight to your luggage 3. there isn't anywhere near Kewarra Beach to buy those cookies or chips.

On to Caines

We arrived after dark. This was a long day because the Uluru walk and lunch was earlier.
This facility also has a laundry. I chose to wash in the room. I have a neat trick for drying clothes.
I wash, roll in a towel, and then stand on the towels. Don't laugh it works. As a mom of kids who did travel soccer you learned tricks to clean those uniforms. You are putting 100+ pounds on those wet clothes.

Wear your hat because you will be walking under trees. No, I did not see any snakes but we saw big spiders in their webs in the trees. This is the only area where you can hold a Koala.

The crocs are amazing. The Aborigines presentation was great. You can take pictures with them at the end.


  • Very informative. Good to know about the free laundry, although I don't relish the idea of doing laundry on the trip. I am also familiar about the towel drying of clothes. It does work.

    We are quite used to bringing our own grocery bags. We are from Canada and we are charged .05 cents if we need one in the stores. ....helping out the planet any small way we can.
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