Appropriate wear for visiting temples and shrines

What is "appropriate wear" for visiting temples and shrines??


  • Are you on the wrong forum. What trip are you going on.
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    I suspect you are right, Crackers.

    However, Australia is a multicultural society and as such we do have a variety of religious temples and shrines. We also have secular shrines, principally to our war dead, and of course one of the greatest of all "temples", Uluru, which is sacred to the Anangu aboriginal people. Dress rules will differ for each site, just as they would in your own country. You will be advised if there are any particular requirements … head coverings, no shoes, etc. at each site. Starting out from a position of respect is a good one all round. Whatever you do, though, don't climb on Uluru. That would be very disrespectful.

    I would really like to think that Budgeter has done his or her research before travelling to Australia … but, as I said, I suspect you are right, Crackers. They have probably mistaken Australia for an exotic, emerging third world country, rather than a triple A rated, industrialised Western one like the USA. Except for the rating part, of course. While our 15 minutes of fame lasts!


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