Scandinavia Trip In General (Input from previous "tipper" needed)

This is our first Tauck Tour. We have the option of June 22, 29 or July 13, 2014. For those of you who went during those months, which time weather wise/waterfall wise would be the best choice. Also, was there much formal or semi formal attire needed on this trip for dinners, etc. Or can we get away with Dockers, shirts, nice blouses, etc. I just hate packing clothes upon clothes when we really look for the more leisurly side of traveling. Any hints, tips or other will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  • We are going June 8. Would also like tips about packing. Is a dinner jacket really necessary for men?
  • Dinner jackets are never necessary for men unless special dinner. I have been on many tours and usually only see them the 1st and last night, unless the men feel comfortable in wearing them.

    I am on the June 15th trip. I chose June after reading the waterfalls are the best that month. I love waterfalls.

    Just remember will probably be in the 60's from what I have read in most places.
  • Great! Thanks so much. Sixties. Layers. Maybe a little swimming if we get a lucky warm day.
  • A friend of mine lived in Norway for a few years. He said the time to visit is July as there is less rain and it is warmer. He said once you get to August the weather is humid and more rain, for that reason I booked July 3rd, 2015 for one of my trips next year. Also after a number of trips with Tauck the consensus in regards to dress code by most men on Tauck trips is this is my paid trip and I will dress as I like even as far as the Palace dinner in Vienna where most wore a nice shirt but no tie or jacket.
  • We are leaving next Friday, and I'm in loose end mode.

    Tipping. I thought about bringing the cash from home for the tour guide, since I don't know the preferred currency, but I'm a little stymied by the drivers. I do know we can use leftover currencies as we leave each country, and that's a great idea, but I don't know how many drivers we will have, and how to make sure I have enough cash for them. I assume that giving them American currency would be as much of a pain in the butt for them as it would be for me to receive Swedish or foreign currency here. Guidance, please?

    And if anyone else is doing the June 8 trip, do check in!
  • Bus drivers are local and on this trip will probably have several drivers do to how we sometimes get from one place to another. Don't fret can use local currency as you go along. I am on the June 15th tour. I will be right behind you.
  • Maybe one last question...

    If I put vitamins and meds in a SMTWTFS box, will that be fine or do I need to wait until we get there?

    Doing the getting excited thing!
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    road1 wrote:
    Maybe one last question...

    If I put vitamins and meds in a SMTWTFS box, will that be fine or do I need to wait until we get there?

    Doing the getting excited thing!
    A general rule I always follow when travelling is to have the original packaging for any medication. What I do is this: I cut up the box of the blister packs of tablets/capsules to leave only the front of the box, leaving the pharmacy prescription & identification info intact. Then I rubber band all that together. The resulting package is much more compact than the original.Then I put that little bundle into a ziplock bag. I make sure I also have a copy of any prescriptions together in the same ziplock bag. For vitamins, etc. which typically come in bigger tubs … I make sure I have them in their original packaging, too. And have all these meds & potions in my carry on. It is much easier to answer a security question, on the spot, with a little show & tell. Which I have needed to do in the past. When I get where I'm going, I dump all the vitamins into ziplock bags. Lighter and more space efficient, but I still carry them in my carry on. Plus, I have an official medication list from the doctor with all my travel documents. A tub of fish oil can look like liquid on a security scanner I have discovered and it was very easy to sort out. :)

    I find it's easier to head any security/customs issues off at the pass. And I always want to have my medication with me, not in checked baggage. Once you get on the bus for your land travel, you can do what you like.



  • Thanks, Jan. I'm really looking forward to this trip.
  • Can someone advise the best place to get currency for the Scandinavian trip? And how much of each type of money to get since Sweden, Denmark and Norway have separate currencies? Some folks say buy before you leave home, some say wait until you get to the country. Anyone from a previous trip have tips on this? Thank you!
  • I just got back. The ATM in Stockholm is a three minute walk from the hotel. I remember not having a clue about how much to get, and got whatever the middle amount was. I didn't go anywhere that didn't accept credit cards, so you really don't need much.

    In Denmark, the ATM is in the hotel.

    In Norway, I got it from a machine when we arrived in Oslo. There was one really close to the restaurant where we had lunch.

    In each place, I ended up using cash in places I generally wouldn't have since I wanted to run out before I left.
  • I suggest in olso get out of lunch. Not very good and not enough time to do everything after tour. Some places close at 4 and some at 5. Resistance museum very good. Wish I had had time to go in city hall, but closed at 4. Then I walked on ther opera house. No time to see The Scream.

    Still on trip and that is only complaint. Not enough time in Oslo. Only 4days left.
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    I second crackers54. The regular lunch served wasn't good, and Oslo is such a great city.

    I made it to museum with The Scream, but not much else other than a great time walking around. The museum is wonderful, and the Munch exhibit has a very nice group of his work, not only The Scream. It's also only about a block from the hotel.
  • Thank you, road 1, for the ATM and currency details. Thank you, crackers54 and road1 for the info on the Oslo lunch and the Munch Museum. I have wanted to see "The Scream" for some time and was hoping to have enough time to go to the Munch Museum. Any other tips from your trip would be appreciated.
  • The scream is very close to hotel. If you don't mind taking carry on with you skip the lunch. I only have one more day on trip and the weather has been so much better than expected. Very little rain and one of the days was a travel day. Even got to swim in pool outside at the next to last stop. Now just figure how to take all the stuff home. Bought 3 sweaters.
  • It's not called the Munch Museum, although it certainly was the draw. Maybe the National Museum? Anyway, it is really only one block from the hotel, so you won't miss it.

    There is a lot of great art in there, including Matisse (a favorite) and a small The Thinker.

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