new to Forums -- Who is Tauck Tim??? also "appropriate dress"

Sorry to be dense, but I am new to forums, does Tauck Tim work for Tauck???

just got back from Blue Danube Eastbound, it was WONDERFUL.... be glad to answer questions.

Wi-fi -- was able to get most emails most days on iphone... and when on land many places had free wifi... not sure you could run a business with this kind of connection but you can stay connected...

btw -- there was MUCH discussion before the trip about "appropriate dress" especially at the palace visits. While a coat for men may be appropriate, it was HOT HOT HOT HOT and even the tour directors said it would be... a few coats went but were taken off immediately. there is NO AC... so I am just telling you men, wear a nice shirt and leave the coat behind.


  • Hi Janet, and welcome to the forums!

    Yes, I do work for Tauck! I moderate the Tauck Travel Forums, and answer emails sent to [email protected] among other responsibilities!

  • Hi Janet!
    My husband and I will be taking the same trip in October and I have a couple of questions. In Vienna, did Tauck provide shuttles from the boat to city center on your free day or did you take the metro? Also, in Linz did you take the trip to Salzburg or take the Linz walking tour? The trip sounds wonderful and we are really looking forward to it.
  • In Vienna they provided transportation both days to the city center as well as choices of tours, they make it very easy to get around and then BACK to the ship when you want with various times for the shuttle.

    We did the Salzburg trip and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was walking but well worth it and if you need or want to break away from the trip it is easy to do. Plenty of places to shop or sit and eat or drink coffee, etc. Walking around Linz would not be that exciting.

    Also you need to be VERY able to walk and get around to really enjoy the trip, BUT we had about 8 people on our tour that struggled so they basically fined tuned tours to accommodate them with less walking but still able to see a lot of sights. They made it so enjoyable for everyone.

    I cannot say enough about the tour directors and the local guides. happy to answer any other questions.. it was a fabulous trip...
  • thanks Tim.. wasn't sure how that worked..... our trip was fabulous.. we will be planning another one with Tauck and I may ask you questions.. thanks
  • Cindy, what is your departure date? We are on 10/2 Budapest to Prague...
  • Janet,

    Thanks for posting - would love to be able to ask you questions as needed. We are on the 10/2 westbound trip.
    Regarding dress at dinner on the ship, getting conflicting reports on the forums about how to dress...some said shorts, shirts; others seemed to dress up a bit. Since we have limited room for weight allowances, really want to fine tune what to pack.
    Thanks, Linda
  • Janet, thanks for your answers to the questions. It sounds like Tauck is really geared to make the trip great for everyone. I am really looking forward to Salzburg, since I love both Mozart and the Sound of Music!

    Linda, we are scheduled on the trip after yours, we are Eastbound beginning on the 9th of October!

  • Janet B wrote:
    thanks Tim.. wasn't sure how that worked..... our trip was fabulous.. we will be planning another one with Tauck and I may ask you questions.. thanks

    No problem, Janet! I'm glad you enjoyed the trip so much!

    And of course you can ask questions! That's part of why I'm here!

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