Elegant Adventure - August 28, 2015

We just booked this trip and are very excited. This is our first Tauck tour and our first time in Africa. I collected info on clothing colors and bug spray if anyone is interested. I know this trip is almost booked up; maybe 7 more spots, so please join in and "talk" so we can meet each other ahead of time and share info. Perhaps someone is not new to Africa and would like to provide some input.

Delray Beach, FL


  • Hi supersecdd,

    I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  • Are there hair dryers on safari? I'm not a diva, I just don't want to get sick with wet hair in the cold morning air in September.
  • Just to add a practical, but lateral comment here. Can I suggest you wash your hair at the other end of the day after returning from your dusty, but absolutely fabulous, afternoon game run? Chances are you will really need to get yourself squeaky clean then.

    I'm sure someone will chip in with info on hair dryers.


  • I just did this trip last fall and it was fabulous and to answer your question - yes, hair dryers are provided at all of your accomodations. You are in for a great experience - enjoy!
  • Hi Supersecdd,

    Yes, blackmagic79 is quite right, hair dryers are indeed provided at all the accommodations. (Also, the average daily highs in September in South Africa are around 66°F to 73°F or 19°C to 23°C or so, depending on the region, and average morning temperatures are mid 40's to mid 50's, Fahrenheit.)

    I hope this helps!

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