How might Arthur effect our travel plans? Can we travel inland somehow? Totally change the travel plans? Should we bring rain boots? wow 40 people...HUGE number in the rain! Lets hope people stay on time during this trip.


  • I assumed you must be referring to a weather phenomena, at least, I hoped you were. When I checked CBC news just a moment ago, it listed Hurricane Arthur as a Category 2 event. That doesn't usually mean a catastrophic event … lots of rain and wind, though. If I can discover that much from the other side of the world, I'm sure you can get all the current information you need to work out what extra stuff to pack a little closer to your departure date … which you didn't mention in your query.

    If your tour is affected, Tauck will be in touch with you directly.


  • Yes I was referring to the storm. Actually it can be fun in the rain. ...and 40 people on a tour give a larger pool of interesting well travelled folk. Leaving for the July 6 trip on Sat the 5. An adventure for sure.
  • That's a nice time to go, apart from Arthur! I've been in June & July and it can be quite warm … not hot, hot, hot, but nicely warm. And the best thing about a bit of rain? You don't have to do the driving! You can leave it all to a professional. I agree, rain can fun. And your photos might just turn out to be stunning. Really. It's the added … hum … je ne sais quoi! (which might come in handy in New Brunswick, actually) … refracted light on wet footpaths. Lovely.

    I wouldn't bother with rain boots (unless Tauck tells you otherwise), but I would suggest a second pair of every day shoes. Nothing's worse than trying to drain and dry out your only pair of walking shoes when you are on the road. Urk. Some sort of light, rain-proof jacket, perhaps with a hood, and a small folding umbrella should do the job. And who cares if you're a bit damp when you can eat all the PEI mussels and NS lobster you can force into your mouth. Mmmm… yummy.

    It's a lovely part of the world. Have fun!


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