Going on the 2 week Scandinavia tour leaving July 19th. Any thoughts as to how much currency to take from an ATM at entrance to each country--keeping in mind that when we leave have to turn it in at a cost. Planning to use credit cards as much as possible for meals when on our own--what about local transportation in the three capitals? Taxis?? Appreciate any thoughts.


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    I just got back on June 29th (great trip by the way). I got 100 dollars in Sweden and Denmark and 200 in Norway. This was enough for small purchases. I made sure all was spent before I left each country. You will not need much in cash because they do even small purchases by credit card or ATM suppers on your own will cost 50-70 a piece. I had a great hamburger in Oslo for supper ($30 us).

    I suggest skipping lunch in Oslo. Takes too much of the short time and was not good. I only had time for one museum (the resistance museum) before all closed. We then walked to the opera house before eating outside by the water. Of the whole trip was the only negative was the time spent at that lunch. If you skip it will probably have enough time to go see The Scream, if you wish, go to the City Hall, I had to skip, and the resistance museum if you want to, was great learning of the history of WW2. Then can do the Opera House was really great have dinner. Then we walked by the Royal Palace to the hotel.

    We even had great weather. Only 2 days of rain and one was day we left Oslo.

    Be careful pickpockets all over. Wear all important stuff in money belt securely under clothes. Keep very little in pockets. A guy tried to trip one of the men on tour in old town Stockholm and took wallet. Only took the money and dropped the wallet, so they got back any CC that was in it.

    As far as transportation all hotels are easy walking depending on your walking ability. I believe taxis take CC.

    If you want trolls best price was at top of mountain if you get to go for view and bathroom stop on way to Bergen. Great price on fosse of Norway sweaters in Bergen across from fish market. Online they run 279 but at the table they came to 150. You will want the experience of eating at the fish market.
  • thanks crackers54--very helpful and detailed--appreciate hautbrion
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