Can anyone answer this for me? Do you have to take the recommended Qantas flight or do you think I can take an alternative flight that lands 15 minutes earlier. I have seen cheaper flights than Qantas but will be in Wellington in time for the coach to the hotel. Many thanks for an answer.


  • Check with Tauck. On our tour there are two flights that they recommend, one Qantas, the other Air New Zealand. Both are appox the same time. I am flying all the international segments on Air NZ, so it was much less expensive to book the Syd-Wellington segament on Air NZ.
  • On my tour their were a few that did air New Zealand early in the morning and the TD arranged a taxi or shuttle to get them to and from airports. I agree call Tauck and ask.
  • Just booked the trip from Sydney to Wellington on Qantas. Now all the reservations are in place!! Countdown is starting!!!????????????
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