Logistics questions

We are doing the China and the Yangtze Eastbound starting Sept. 25 and have a few questions. How are the water levels on the Yangtze? At one point it was mentioned there could be 50-150 stairs up with no handrail to disembark . How did this go? Also, for the women, how often will we encounter the squat toilets with no other option? Is anyone else taking medication for malaria? Is the air pollution everywhere or mainly Beijing? That is it for now...looking forward to the trip...after the packing experience! Marcia and Mike


  • My wife and I did this trip last October and she was able to avoid using the squat toilets the entire trip. Thats not to say we didn't encounter them but rather she was able to make use of the Western Style toilets at every opportunity. We didn't take malaria meds. We found the pollution to be most everywhere but used the masks primarily in Beijing where the pollution levels reached "Toxic" on the air quality scale especially at night. This is a fantastic trip, just pray for a clearing storm system to come through the night before you tour the Great Wall which is what happened for us.
  • Thanks Mike. One more question...what about the 50-150 steps to disembark...without hand rail? Then I can breathe easier.
    Marcia and Mike
  • We didn't have the step issue. As I recall, the river was up a bit so this wasn't a problem. Have a great trip.
  • Although our China trip was not with Tauck, there were Tauck guests on the same cruise ship on the Yangtze River. Crew members helped those of us who needed help with the steps if necessary. They were great!
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