Others on 24 October 2014 tour?

We (Scott and Judy) will be on this trip. While I've been to Thailand many times, the rest of the trip will be new for me and all of it will be new for my wife.

We're arriving early and have a private Halong Bay tour arranged for the 24th. Others could join us if interested.


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    Final payment made and visas in hand so we are excited and all set to go on this trip! Where are the rest of you? 268 views and nobody else is on this trip? According to the web site, it's at "limited availability," so maybe less than the cap of 24, but there must be others.

    If you are on this trip and arriving early, you might be interested in the day trip we've arranged to Halong Bay. We'll be leaving early on the 24th (but with 11 hours of time zone change, the concept of "early" loses relevance!) so as to be back for the welcome reception and dinner that evening.

    Scott & Judy
  • Final docs arrived today! Always exciting for the fact of the date approaching.

    Not so exciting for the content though which is largely a rehash of the text from the reservation plus on-line description. No pictures or maps...they could really pump up the value and excitement for the docs!

    We hope to meet some of the viewers of this departure's thread if any of you are on the trip.

    Scott & Judy
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