12/11 Elegant Adventure

We will be on this tour (our 15th with Tauck)and are interested in clothes both in the cities and the bush. Any suggestions? Also suggestions for Capetown sights - we'll be coming in early. Thanks!


  • When are you traveling? I am thinking of going at end of Jan. 2012. I am concerned about vaccinations. Have you looked into this? What shots are needed to go on the SA Elegant Adventure? We have traveled many times with Tauck and always enjoy it.
  • Sorry - should have said our tour starts 12/19. as for vaccinations,I have not checked yet. Best source is the CDC website. If you find yellow fever is listed, proceed carefully. if you are over 60, as we are, you may find your doctor will not want you to have it since the innoculation itself frequently has worse effects than the disease does. If that is the case, he should write a letter indicating this and the letter should be attached to the WHO yellow fever vaccination certificate. Many pharmacies can handle the entire procedure for you. You may also find Hep A and B vaccinations required. These are given over the course of several months, so make your decisions early.
  • We did this trip in Sept 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great blend of city and out country! In the city, you will only need casual comfortable clothing. Nothing special. You may want a rain poncho for the boat ride to Robben Island. We got rained on on the way back. Reception and Farewell we used Smart Casual. Sport Jackets were not required. Definitely no ties.

    "In the bush," most of us had browns, tans, and neutral colors. We had the zip-off pants to be able to transition from cold or cool to hot, as needed. There are two game drives during the day. One in the early morning, and one in the early evening to better see animals. The vehicles used all had blankets to cover up with for additional warmth in the early morning, or on the way back at night.

    In the bush, plan to wear what you have on when you come back from the bush to breakfast, or supper; especially supper. The lodges are "open" to the wildlife, and your guides will escort you to your lodging and back to the main area each way. All of us just stayed in the same clothing between game drive and meals. We were all comfortable with that arrangement and it involves less hassle.

    In Capetown, we entertained ourselves the day before by taking the on and off bus that takes a circle loop around Capetown, and another loop out further. For the price, you get on, or get off at any of the stops. If you get to Table Mountain, and it is open, you might consider going up even though it is included in the Tauck portion of your tour. The reason is that if the Mountain is open and the clouds are off the Mountain, it may be the only day you may be able to go up and see the view. If it is clouded over during the tour, you may not get to go up and the tour director will go to plan b.

    The shopping and restaurants around the Cape Grace are wonderful. It is really worth the stroll around that area.

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