Galapagos Islands

For anyone who has taken this trip: Were the ship accommodations comfortable?
Did you see pretty much the same thing on each island or was it varied?
How much walking was there on each day in the islands? A mile? Three miles? How long was the tour on each island?


  • We thought that the accomodations on the M/V Isabella II were very comfortable. And while you are assigned a cabin to sleep in, a majority of our time, when not hiking or swimming, was spent in the common areas or on the sun deck. So there is a lot of space to use and share.

    Each island was different though it seemed to be similar. The geologic origin of the islands was different, and the flora and fauna of each island was different. It was fun and exciting to see what the "features" of each island would be as we landed on shore.

    Each island is one to three miles depending on the size of the island. The walks seemed to be aimed at showing you what the island had to offer in terms of unique wildlife and vegetation. And, sometimes, depending on the group, we had folks that took a long walk, while another naturalist took a shorter walk, and they both tried to show you the hi-lights of the island. In addition to the Tauck Tour Director, we had three naturalists on board to split the group up to minimize the impact on the islands, and to ensure that each of us got to see and hear about each island. It was great.
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