Restaurants near Caesar Park Hotel, Buenos Aires

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice restaurant outside of the Caesar Park Hotel in Buenos Aires?


  • My husband and I ate at Piegari near the hotel. They have a steakhouse and Italian restaurant. We went to the Italian restaurant with another traveler from our tour. We chose the Italian because it opened earlier. My husband and I split a steak and a pasta dish. Everything was very good. It's a short walk from the hotel. Make a right out of the hotel, walk about three blocks and it is on the left side of the street.
  • I just checked Trip Advisor and there are 4 restaurants around the block across the street from the hotel listed clockwise:

    John Montagu at 1245 Posadas serving Argentinean, Italian and Peruvian food, NOT RECOMMENDED

    Parrilla Hereford at 750 Libertador serving Argentinean, is in the food court of a mall in the block across the street from the Caesar Park Hotel on the opposite side of the block. It is popular among locals.

    Liber at 690 Libertador is a small cafe that is popular among tourists and locals.

    Mancini at 1623 Libertad serving Italian, open 12:30 to 4 pm and 7:30 pm to 1 am.

    The BEST restaurant in the area is Los Salones del Piano Nobile, the #3 restaurant in Buenos Aires. It is about 2 blocks from the hotel. From the front door go left to Montevideo, left on Montevideo to Alvear. Then right on Alvear about half a block. It is in the Park Hyatt hotel. It is open from 7 am to 1 am serving Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner. It does take reservations.

    Steve in PA
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    rhodyman wrote:
    [Employee Name] at 1623 Libertad serving Italian, open 12:30 to 4 pm and 7:30 pm to 1 am.

    Off-topic, but I have noticed in several posts on this board the above effect (I assume) of some automatic filtering that Tauck might be using which decides that something is an employee name...but can't differentiate based on context. I doubt that name of the cited restaurant violates some Tauck employee's privacy! (the restaurant name is M a n c i n i)
  • Thanks everyone. We do appreciate the information.

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