WIFI and cell service

Do most of the hotels on the Essence of SA tour have WIFI? Is there cell service in most places? Any suggestions on amount of US dollars to bring?


  • All of the hotels had free wifi in the rooms. The Sheraton in Iguazu Falls had wifi but it was the least consistent. I heard the lobby had better service.
    I can't really say how much US to bring. Depends on how much you shop. What I can tell you is they prefer US dollars in Argentina and will give a better exchange rate. We always tip our tour director in US dollars, so we made sure we had at least that amount.
    It's a great tour. You will have a nice time.
  • Hi ssk,

    Crackeroo is right about the internet availability. All hotels have free wifi available, and the reason the Sheraton was inconsistent is because they only promise wifi in the common areas, but there is wired internet access in the rooms, if you bring a laptop. Sometimes, in such cases, you can access wifi in the rooms, but the connection tends to be pretty tenuous in my experience.

    I hope this helps!

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