Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand, Jan 12-27, 2015

Hi All,
Bob & Jeanne here and looking forward to meeting all of our fellow, small group, travelers. We are planning on arriving in Hanoi one or two days early depending on air transportation. Will keep you updated. Also plan to spend an extra day in Bangkok at tour end. We are living in Maryland and will be leaving from Dulles International Airport.
While in Saigon, on the second day, we plan to hire a car and visit the Cao Dai Temple and Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain) in Tay Ninh Province. Any others who wish to join us are welcome.
Bob & Jeanne


  • Hi Bob and Jeanne,

    I hope you take great notes on your experience! Your trip ends just as our trip starts (Jan 30, 2015).

    We are arriving 2 days early so that we can get an overnight trip to Halong Bay. It leaves from Hanoi the morning after we arrive (in the evening) and returns early afternoon the day of the welcoming dinner. With a long flight from San Francisco and the opportunity for a good night's sleep in the hotel, we should be amply rested for the shuttle bus/boat cruise.

    We've been to Bangkok before, so we did not extend our time there, but the rest of the trip is new. Can't wait. I know we love the food and hope we love the weather. I've heard everything from "hot and humid" to "damp and cold". We'll see. Please email during/after your trip with any suggestions, recommendations you may have. Sherry
  • Hi Sherry,
    Yes I will try and update you over the course of our trip. Have been to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand before but Jeanne hasn't.

    Will be arriving a day early in Hanoi. We arranged our own air transportaion since Tauck Travel couldn't get us good connections from Washington DC to Hanoi and Bangkok to Washington. Will be leaving Bangokok a day after the trip is over. Want to do some shopping and our flight leaves early the follwing day.

  • Hi Again Bob Here,
    Just a quick update. Since we will be arriving a day early on Jan 11 we are planning a day trip to Halong Bay on Monday, Jan 12, the day of the reception at 6:00PM. Since its an 11 hour trip we plan on leaving at 5:30 AM on Monday by private car (7 hour round trip + 4 hour boat tour w/lunch). So we should be back in time for the reception.
    If other members of the group are interested a van can be arranged to accommodat another couple. So, if your interested let me know and we can include you.
    Till Then
  • Hi Bob and Jeanne,
    Steve and Patti here. We would be interested in the 2nd day trip in Saigon if it is during the free time after the morning tour. Looking forward to the trip also now that it is getting closer.
  • Hi Again PackerGirl,
    It's wheels up this Friday with arrival on Sun, Jan 11th. Wer'e booked to go to Hai Long Mon, Jan 12th leaving at 5:30 AM so we can join the group at the evening recception.
    I found a tour agency in Ho Chi Minh City that will take us to Nui Ba Den, the Cao Dai Temple and the Cu Chi Tunnels.
    However its a full day trip. So we plan to leave the group on our arrival at the Sheraton the morning of Jan 17th and take a private tour with car and guide instead of just going to the Tunnels. If your interested the cost is $75 per person. I can email the description of the tour package if your interested.
    Looking forward to meeting up in Hanoi.
    Happy Travels,
  • Hi Bob,
    Yes we are very excited! We leave on Sat and get in at 9:30 Sat night I think that's how it goes. We may regret not doing Halong on Sunday. We can sleep on the plane and "when We Are Dead" as my Dad always said. It's too late now to figure it out or we would do it. Yes I do think we would do the other with you as that area is of our great interest. As long as we get to the tunnels. Can't wait to meet everyone and start Another Most Excellant Adventure! See you soon.
    Patti and Steve
  • Actually Bob we must get in on Sunday at 9:40pm not Sat. Thought I was on the Concord for a minute. Lol
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