Essance of So. Am. iPad or iPhone?

Should I take my iPad and/or my iPhone? What is the best way to communicate back to the U.S.? We are on the Feb. 8th tour.


  • I took both but only used the data at the hotels with free wifi. Did not make any calls. We communicated through email.
  • We always use Skype when traveling. Using it as voice only needs very little bandwidth. There's an app for this. You set up an account with Skype and use a CC or PayPal to buy some time. It costs 2.9 cents a minute to call a landline virtually anywhere in the world. We buy $10 at a time since that is 5 hours worth which lasts a long time. I think it is free to call another Skype user, but we use it to connect with elderly relatives who just have a regular phone service. On the iPhone it works much like regular phone calls do (except you need WiFi, of course). There is an extra cost provision for folks to call you (via Skype, not to your cell number) which we don't use since we don't know when we'll be on WiFi. People can just call us by regular cell service in emergencies ($$). Skype is also the cheap way we call from home to hotels, etc., overseas.
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