How to get to Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

I am hoping someone can help me navigate how I can easily and safely (single female) travel from the Pullman Hotel to this site. I am not a good train traveler and I have a hearing impairment so trains and buses are tough in English speaking environments.


  • I checked this on Google maps. You can take the metro from Montparnasse station (near your hotel) right to the cemetery (you will have to change trains at Nation). The metro is pretty straight forward and safe. The have automated ticket machines that can give you instructions in English. To see the route go to Enter Pere Lachaise and click on directions. Then put in the name of your hotel and click the icon that looks like a bus. The best route seems to be the #6 train to the #2 train (drops you off right by the cemetery- about 45min travel time). Click on that route and it will show you the details.

    If you are uncomfortable riding the metro, perhaps you can find a local tour or hire a driver. Check with the hotel concierge.

    Hope this helps.
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