Giant Pandas on China: The Yangtze & Hong Kong trip

Is there any opportunity to see Giant Pandas on the China: Yangtze & Hong Kong Trip? I see them included in the Best of China trip. We are planning a 2014 trip to China.


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    We just returned from this tour, and our group had the opportunity to visit a zoo at which we saw half a dozen pandas (along with other animals of course). S It occurs on a travel day, and there is a question of timing. They probably don't want to guaranteed it, out of a concern about flight delays. My impression was that most groups are able to make this visit.
  • China is a beautiful city to visit on earth. The Giant Pandas destination is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia as well as all over the world. We can see a rich balance of natural and heritage sights to see in china city. Its temples are unbelievable and amusing. The giant panda is a bear species. The best place in the world to see giant pandas is in Chengdu.
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