Castles & Kings. July 30, 2015


I will be traveling with my daughter and granddaughter on this tour. Planning to arrive a day early. Also staying 3 extra days in Paris. Are there other 12 year old girls on this trip? We live in Baltimore/Suburban Maryland area.


  • Hi! We are going on this trip as well and have a 12 year old girl, as well as a 15 yo girl and a 17 yo boy. We are from the Boston area. My 12 yo will be happy to hear! We are coming in a day early as well.
  • We are arriving on July 30th in London for the Aug 2nd C&K trip. Traveling with our 11 year old 'going on 45' year old grand daughter and her brother, 15 1/2. They are from New Jersey. Looking forward to a great time!
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    We are part of this trip. We are traveling with our 10 year old granddaughter. We are arriving early morning July 30 and staying one extra day in Paris. Only a few days away. Long Island New York is our home.
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