We are taking the 2 week Scandinavia tour from Stockholm to Copenhagen to Bergen, Norway - leaving May 25th. Is anyone familiar with the weather that time of year as to what to expect? Also how many of the 9 Tauck dinners are more formal dress appropriate?


  • You will find that it gets quite cold at night in Norway, in the upper 30's, so you need to bring gloves, hat and warm clothes. There will be a lot of snow in the mountains, and the scenery is spectacular, especially in Norway. Dining in Scandinavia is rarely formal. There are only a couple of places where you might like to dress up. One is at the fine dining room at Alexandra hotel in Loen. For gentlemen, tie is not necessary, but a jacket will come in handy. Casual elegance is the answer. May/June is a great time to visit Scandinavia!
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