Classic Italy small group Oct 4, 2015

We will be on this tour, after spending a day visiting Sorrento/Capri on our own.
We've travelled a lot but this is our first Tauck tour. Looking forward to meeting the group!
- Karen and Steve (Maryland)


  • We will also be on this tour and looking forward to meeting all of the group.

    Kathy and Tom (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Does anyone know the size of a "small group"? First time with Tauck, also. Looking forward to meeting y'all.
    Denny and Nell,
  • It states on the tour page that it is 20 to 30 people. If you click on quick info, it wil tell you the numbers, it will be different for every tour. A regular size for the same tour is 30 to 40. It doesn't seem to be worth the extra cost to me as occasionally the tour is not full anyway. Our last tour just completed was supposed to be 24 for a full tour. There were just 20 on the tour, most days just 18 because one person was ill and her companion did not go out for the day either. Another day someone else didn't come out, so only 17. We have taken several tours that have not been full at the last minute. I must admit, if I was on a small group departure and there were 30 people, I would not be thrilled.
  • I thought this recent post by Tangy would be helpful here.

    Tangy Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 11:08:43 AM

    We recently went on the Classic Italy, Small Group Tour. It was fabulous. We had a terrific tour director and a total of 21 travelers. Here are a few tips for traveling in Italy: bring Xeroxed copies of your passport and leave the real ones in the room safe; bring hair conditioner (3 of our hotels did not provide it); bring bandaids for potential foot issues; bring anti-nausea medicine such as dramamine for some winding roads near the coast; bring bug spray for your body for trips to the rural areas; bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat; carry small individual containers of Morton salt - most restaurants don't put salt on their tables; bring personal washclothes - they weren't provided in most hotels; bring some salty snacks - it is rare to find something salty to eat there. Comfortable shoes with support are essential because there is a lot of walking and stairs. One final IMPORTANT tip for women: purchase disposable toilet seat covers in the USA and bring them with you. Many public womens restrooms and even some restaurant womens restrooms have no toilet seats - this was a complete shock to me! A fellow traveler knew this in advance and brought Charmin disposable covers - five to a pack.

    Other quirky things we learned: make sure you have plenty of time for connecting with a flight in Europe (you have to go through passport control and security again) - we missed ours in Frankfurt; Italians never order capuchino after 11:00 am; in Florence don't order the beef unless you like it rare; the Italian lemon soda is the best I've ever tasted; I ordered pizza four times on this trip and they didn't slice it unless I asked for it to be sliced; the line at the Duomo in Florence is always very long, so we went to 8:30 am Mass and the guards let us right in; in Venice take the vaporetto to get around - it's easy.

    Relax and enjoy your trip. Italy is magical.
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