Level of difficulty walking on islands

The Tauck guidebook describes "activities on itinerary are rated level 3" (out of 4). Does anyone know what this means? What makes it difficult?


  • The "Health and Activity" section of "Before you go" on this website for this and the Peru & Galápagos Islands tour states:

    "To fully enjoy this tour’s itinerary, participants must be in good health. This is a rigorous tour and you need to be in good physical condition with good balance as the terrain varies from sandy beaches to uneven lava and rocks. Proper walking shoes with ankle support are essential. You may want to bring a walking stick – there are a few available on board Isabela II for the Galápagos section of your journey. Walks range from 1 to 2 mi (3 to 6 km) in length and last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours."

    I'm sure others will chime in about walking sticks- they can be a hazard to others around you if you aren't careful.
  • I took a walking pole with me. It was one of the most useful travel "accessories" I bought for this trip. It was perfect for picking your way over stony surfaces. You do end up with a lot of stuff hanging off your person ... essential day pack, camera/s, binoculars, pole from a wrist strap, hat with chin strap, sunglasses, etc. ... but it does mean that you have to stop walking to safety take a photo. You need to look where you are walking on this trip, lest you ... trip, so an adjustable walking pole is invaluable. It doesn't matter what you look like, festooned as you will be with all manner of necessary bits and pieces. Everyone else will look much the same as you. It's making the experience of a lifetime more wonderful and safer that counts. There were no races to get where we were going. Taking your time is the very best thing to do. That way you get to see the little things along the way and create some wonderful memories, real and photographic, as you go.

    Go ... and have a life-changing experience. It is a wonderful place!



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